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  • Pumpkin, our kunekune pig

Tucked away in the paddock lies the animal enclosure. Here you’ll find a range of friendly, furry faces for your younger ones to hold, pet and feed. From bunnies, to a pig called Pumpkin, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re a guest who would love to source some free-range chicken eggs, or a soon-to-be bride looking for something to keep the younger guests out of trouble, we can introduce you to all our creatures, big and small.

Take a look at the animals before you meet them ‘in person’:  the Sheep, the Rabbitsthe Dogsthe Chickens, the Doves, the goats and the Pigs.

When booking your accommodation mention the free farm tour and we’ll arrange a time with you; usually 10am the day after arrival. It takes about an hour and is usually the holiday highlight – check out the testimonials!