Meet Our Animals

At Chapel Hill you’ll find a range of friendly, furry faces for your younger ones to hold, pet and feed. From bunnies, to a pig called Pumpkin, there’s something for all our guests.

Whether you enjoy driving under the flock of white doves, or would love to source some free-range chicken eggs  we can introduce you to all our creatures, big and small.   Children particularly enjoy watching the entertaining goats whilst adults can re-cycle their food waste to the pigs.

When booking your accommodation mention the free farm tour and we’ll arrange a time with you; usually 10am the day after arrival. It takes about an hour and is usually the holiday highlight!

  • Pumpkin

Pumpkin and Maggie are female Kunekune pigs, both born in 2014. While they actually eat grass, and roam in the very large feijoa paddock, they love fruit and vegetables so please save your left overs for them. Maggie, with the shaggier reddish fur, came from a urban backyard, and will even sit for her dinner - as she was raised with two dogs!
  • Peanut

We’ve had Peanut, the large white Coopworth sheep, since she was a tiny 7 day old lamb, in spring 2014. Marmite, with brown markings is a Suffolk/Coopworth cross and slightly more intelligent. We bottle fed both lambs so they are very tame and come when called. They love pellets as a treat – and Marmite will beg for hers
  • Wedding release

As you drive to Pegasus Lodge, you may be welcomed by a flock of 100 white fantail doves flying overhead. They are all ‘free range’ and come and go at their leisure. Being homing pigeons they are available to be released on Waiheke Island, providing something beautiful, fun and meaningful for a wedding or special occasion. As doves fly up to 70km/hr, they usually arrive home before we do!
  • Cotton Tail

Cottontail is a very large Flemish Giant rabbit, born in January 2016. He is really soft and friendly. Amazingly he lives free-range and you will find him hanging out with the chickens, ducks and doves. He likes to eat all their food and lives under the dove shed. At night time he frolics with the wild rabbits - but don't worry, he's been neutered.
  • Ali & Kelly

Our dozen happy hens live free range, with Weka, the matriarch, keeping an eye on them all. Cinderella is friendly, but watch out for her strong peck. Our lovely bantams, Princess and Goldilocks lay smaller eggs and Cleopatra is really stunning, with an amazing tail. Golden Sun looks rugged, with whispy silkie feathers. They all like to hang out on the driveway, so please drive carefully.
  • Louis III

Our beautiful dog Louis III is very popular with guests – as long as you like doggie cuddles. Born in February 2016 he's a friendly border collie / blood hound cross. When not supervising the sheep and goats, he visits Pegasus Lodge to play with any children. Check out his skills and tricks: sit, lie down, shake, speak, “bang” (playing dead), wait, up, down and more.
  • Pekin Ducks

Daisy and Donald are two Pekin ducks, from the Waikato. You can tell Donald as he has the little curly feather on his tail. They live free-range and hang out with the doves and chickens when they are not wandering off on an adventure to the local pond and back.
  • Gazza

Gazza, the black goat, was born wild, orphaned and then hand raised. He has quite an attitude and likes to butt things. Tinkerbell, being part angora, needs her white wool shorn annually.
  • Amberly

Amberly came to us in mid 2014, and happened to be pregnant. Her beautiful foal is now at a great home in Kumeu. Horses love company so Giddeon is her paddock mate right now.