The Chickens

  • Ali & Kelly

We have a lovely collection of hens on the property, all free range.


Weka, the matriarch, is the multi-coloured brown hen. She got her name from the native Weka bird that she resembled when she was just a chick.


Priscilla, is the red chicken from Omana farm park, she’s quite cautious of humans- unless you have food!

Princess is the stunning old-fashioned breed of hen. She’s quite shy, and came to us after being found wondering on the Island.

Goldilocks is the old fashioned, golden hen. She’s quite timid and very fast! Again she was rescued and given to us.


Cinderella is a favourite of ours, even though she is just a plain speckled grey. She is very tame and will eat from your hand, with quite a peck on her.

She has three children (Ebony, Cleopatra and Golden Sun), but we think she might actually be their foster mum as they look nothing like her!

All three chicks have a distinctive top-knot, which came from their stunning father, a purebred Chinese Silkie called Bluebell. He was sadly killed by an Australian Harrier Hawke, in May 2016.  You can tell pure-bred Chinese Silkies, as they have blue skin and an extra toe!

All the chickens tend to lay their eggs in the same spot, so we think Cinderella got confused about who’s egg was who’s and hatched another chicken’s eggs! Take a close look at the pictures and try to guess who’s eggs she hatched.


Ebony is the pitch black hen. She has a very different face to the other chickens, and looks strangely like our old hen Sam.


Cleopatra is the beautiful black and gold hen (we think she looks a bit like Goldilocks, or maybe Weka).

Golden sun is varied golden coloured. She has had a chick that looks very rugged, with whispy silkie feathers on the wings and strange fluffy bits. A true cross-breed, and the least friendly of all our chickens! We have called her Rapunzel, given her very strange hairdo.  Rapunzel had a chick in September 2016, who is also quite wild, called Rumpelstiltskin.

In early 2016 we’ve had three more chicks.  One looks identical to Cleopatra, and another identical to Cinderella – but they think their mother is Golden Sun! The third chick, reminds us of Bluebell, and is called Snowdrop. She is white, with silkie feathers, and like her father was attacked by a Australian Harrier Hawk.  But, luckily, she survived. Dan saw it happening, and scared the hawk away, just in time.  A while later Showdrop started crowing! He is now a stunning white rooster, named Snowbell, after his dad.

Cleopatra’s chick also started crowing, and is a very large, speckled grey rooster now.  We can call him Antony.

The chickens all like to wander about, and you often see them the among the trees in Chapel Hills grounds, or having a dust bath on the driveway. They love wheat, but will peck at almost anything!