The Pigs

Pumpkin and Maggie


Pumpkin and Maggie (with the nose ring) are female Kunekune pigs, both born in 2014. Being kunekunes, we need to be very particular with their diets. They should only be fed fruit and vegetables, as their main food source is grass. They can’t eat any meat or processed foods, but they love your green leftovers!

Pumpkin was raised at Ambury Regional Farm park and is used to people. She is very vocal and has a wide range of noises that she makes!

Maggie came from a home in Howick, where she loved the dogs more than they loved her! She got her nose ring to stop her rutting in the ground, but she just think it looks cool.

Pigs are very intelligent and they are very friendly. They love to be patted, and given a really good scratch!