The Doves

  • A beautiful celebration - releasing the doves

As you drive up to Pegasus Lodge, you may be welcomed by a flock of up to 100 white fantail doves flying overhead. They are all ‘free range’ and are able to come and go, at their leisure.

They are homing pigeons and  are available for release on Waiheke Island.  We can to provide something beautiful, fun and meaningful for a wedding or special occasion. As doves can fly up to 70km/hr,  they have usually arrive home before you can!

Some people choose to throw them high, others just let them go and watch their beauty as they circle overhead.  For weddings and anniversaries you can each hold a dove, or choose to have one each for all participants.

Guests staying at Chapel Hill are invited to feed and meet the doves, usually at 10am on Saturday mornings.

For more information contact Katherine on +6421955204.