The Church’s Journey

  • The Towai Church - just appears above the native bush, as viewed from the Towai Hotel.

In May 2014 Katherine and Dan discovered an abandoned 1933 church in Towai, Northland. Hidden away under a sea of overgrown trees and bushes.

Left untouched for several decades, Katherine and Dan instantly fell in love with it, and knew that such a beautiful building didn’t belong unseen in the bush.

So they did as any sane couple would and began to embark on an ambitious project to give the building a new lease of life. This started with cutting the building into three…

By December 2015 it was ready for its new home and was moved by crane, truck and ferry to ‘Chapel Hill’ where it was given pride of place on the hill amongst the vineyards.

Since then work the Church has been restored to its former glory and is available for you to enjoy.

Guests often admire the beautifully restored lead-light windows and lovely internal paintwork.  They also enjoy visiting the small confessional, with the old kneeling stool now in place. This was very kindly donated by the Towai parishioners, along with two candlesticks from the altar and the original entrance font.

Contact Katherine for more information on: +6421955204 or e-mail [email protected]